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10 differences between kharif crops and rabi crops?

Asked by Avantika Chauhan(DAYAWATI MODI ACADEMY) , on 8/5/13


Kharif Crop

Rabi Crop

They are sown between April and May.

They are sown between September and October.

They are harvested after monsoon rain.

They are harvested after winter.

Kharif crops are also known as monsoon crops.

Rabi crops are known as winter crops.

These crops are totally dependent upon rainfall.

These crops require irrigation.

The examples of kharif crops are rice, sunflower, sugarcane, soybean, tea etc.

The examples of rabi crops are wheat, gram, pea, mustard, barley etc.

Posted by Krishnakoli Dattaon 10/5/13

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