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A car accelerates on a horizontal road due to force exerted by theA) Road on carB) Car on roadC) Engine of carD) driver of car
Asked by Chris , on 1/7/12

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More Answers

Its C) Engine of car.

D) is not the ans because car on the road does not help in acceleration rather it only supports the movement of acceleration.

Hope it helps !!!    :)

Posted by Ron Samprass(student)on 13/7/12

lEt mE explain GUys....

firSt of all  D). DrivErs aPPly forcE to aCCelerAte

  then  C). Engine of the car applies force on the tyrEs to rotaTe themm

  then  B). Car exerts force on The Ground (from its Tyres)

at Last  A). roAd applies frictionalForce on the car tyRes so they can Move foRward...

Posted by Madhav Lakhera(student)on 14/7/12

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