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A lady buys goods worth Rs 200 and pays Rs 1000 note to the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper gets the change from the neighboring shop, keeps Rs 200 for the goods and returns Rs 800 to the lady.

After sometime the neighboring shop owner returns saying that the Rs 1000 note is fake and takes his money back.

How much loss did the first shopkeeper suffer?

Asked by Archit Goel(st. marys convent sr. sec. school) , on 12/4/13


loss of rs 1000 as he had got rs 200 with himself ( it is the real note ) and gave the balance of rs 800 to the woman which was the real note and the whole amount of rs 1000 back to the shop keeper

Posted by Kavya Shabu(SARASWATHI VIDYALAYA) on 13/4/13

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