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Vaishali Chopra from Pt Yadram Secondary Public SchoolNew Delhi Delhi , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 11/11/10


Alok Kumar , From S D Public School , added an answer
Answered on 11/11/10

Mobiles phones have intruded in our lives and have made their own unique stand. Once considered as a luxury is now the thing closest to our hearts. Mobiles have even replaced the wristwatches people now find it easier to see the time in their mobile phones. Mobiles phones have become the personal dairies for many. A mobile phone acts like your mother and wakes you up in the morning; it is your reminder that keeps you updated of all your meetings and important events. Calculator and notes section has made the mobile phone your personal assistant. Mobile phones because of their varied multi-function capabilities have replaced many other devices.

When you are stressed and need some music to soothe your soul then just turning on your music player on your mobile will work for you. Now a day 's most mobile phones have a music player or an FM receiver. This will ensure that you won 't get bored at any point of time. Phones have also popularized the camera feature. Now point-and-shoot imaging has been rediscovered with the mobile phone camera. Mobile phones now offer expandable memory features. This has enabled the user to store multiple files and multimedia in his phone. Phones have even introduced a hard disk in them and this has increased the memory capabilities of the phone tremendously. Mobile phones now flaunt up to 8 GB of memory expansion.

Accessing the internet has become mandatory in many professions. Now mobile phone is also replacing the laptop by enabling internet access through the mobile phone. This has given way to service providers to provide various internet services. Mobile banking and stocks updates have become a common affair for the mobile phone user. Mobile phones are still a style statement to many; this depends upon the kind of phone you purchase.

Mobile phones are available below one grand and the cost runs up to tens of thousands. There are diamond-studded phones which add to the class and status of a person. Mobiles phones are best know for their communication purpose, calling from anywhere anytime and going transnational has enabled increased communication among people. The lowering of call rates in only helping and this technology is reaching the rural areas to enable higher communication in them.

Mobile phone has popularized the messaging service and this has made it easy for people to send across messages and nearly wiping out the traditional lettering system. Thus mobile phone has intervened in our lives in a positive manner and continues to make it better.

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Vaishali Chopra , From Pt Yadram Secondary Public Schoolnew Delhi Delhi , added an answer
Answered on 15/11/10


anmolmahajan5... , added an answer
Answered on 17/5/11


shahidbd9980... , added an answer
Answered on 19/11/11

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Wwew , added an answer
Answered on 16/4/12

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Wwew , added an answer
Answered on 16/4/12

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Wwew , added an answer
Answered on 16/4/12

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Delwar Hossain , added an answer
Answered on 25/5/12


Pranay , added an answer
Answered on 24/10/12

 english paragraph specification of cell phone

Pranay , added an answer
Answered on 24/10/12

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Midhat , added an answer
Answered on 6/2/13

 jahel key bache kutey kamine ullo ke pathey hijre likhna tu sikhe zalil

K.swathi Krishna , From Avatar Public School , added an answer
Answered on 26/6/15
Mobile phones are presently using high fi thing which brings all things upon hand and make human lazy!!!
Yukta Sharma , From Dav Model School , added an answer
Answered on 26/6/15
Mobile phone is a telephone system that works without any wire. Mobile phone is one of the wonderful wonders of science. It has added a new dimension to our life and to communication system. It can be moved easily and quickly from place to place. 
Through mobile phone, we can send messages to distant places, play games and sports, know about time. Solve the work of calculation, be aware of different kinds of news and view. At present the popularity of the mobile phone is increasing. Many companies are also being set up for selling mobile phone. The price of mobile phones also decreasing in comparison with the past. People are being encouraged to buy a mobile-phone set a t a cheaper rate. However with the touch of science and technology, the whole world seems to be a global village, in a very single moment, we can communicate with the people living in a very distant place. With all its advantages, the mobile phone has still some drawbacks in disguise. Though the price of it is decreasing, per minute bill is not decreasing. So everybody cannot possess it. Scientists have recently discovered that mobile phone can cause cancer to the users. Besides, it has become a fashion with the young people. Last but not the least, terrorists are using it to spread out terrorism all around the world. But in spite of all these disadvantages, it can be finalized here that the necessity of a mobile phone in exchanging messages, cannot be denied in the true sense of the term in our practical life.

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