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A speech on Adult education for 2-3 min

Asked by Sanskriti Singh(student) , on 15/4/14

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Importance of adult education

- makes them more up-to-date and self-reliant

- social education on the burning issues of the day

- help them lead a life free of corruption and terror

- will help our nation to prosper

- need of education will be understood by elders who will send their children to schools too

- people who did not get opportunity to get education can fulfill their dream to study

Posted by Riya Farikar(student)on 15/4/14

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 Adult education is the practice of teaching and educating adults. Adult education takes place in the workplace, through 'extension ' or ' continuing education ' courses at  secondary schools , or at  colleges  or  universities . Other learning places include  folk high schools community colleges , and lifelong learning centers. The practice is also often referred to as 'Training and Development 'and is often associate with workforce or  professional development . It has also been referred to as  andragogy  (to distinguish it from pedagogy ). Adult education is different from vocational education, which is mostly workplace-based for skill improvement; and also from non-formal adult education, including learning skills or learning for personal development.

Posted by Vaishali Chopra(student)on 29/7/10


    Adult education, also known as continuing education, is a broad term for the practice of teaching and educating adults. It plays a significant part in the lifelong learning. Unlike  education  for children and young adults, which is often mandated through legislation and strictly structured into steadily advancing levels of achievement, adult education can be broken into several different fields of specialization:  Vocational education , personal enrichment, and, for some adults, remedial training in  literacy  and other skills. The techniques and tools for adult education are also very different from education for children, reflecting the different abilities,  motivations , and needs of these students.


Posted by Vaishali Chopra(student)on 29/7/10


  Adult education is very important. Adults must know the basic things in life. the government conducts adult education programmes to improve the litteracy level amongst the adults. for example , a woman should know how to care of her family 's various aspects child and prevent her child from diseases. a man should know how to earn bread for the family. If the adults know how to take care of various aspects of life, it is just a way to improve our way of living. By improving litteracy level, we can create a better family, better village,better state, better country and a better world.

Posted by Keshav Khemani(student)on 9/4/11


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Posted by Kuljit(student)on 15/2/12