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Akshat R from ST XAVIER'S HIGH SCHOOL , asked a question
Subject: Math , asked on 30/12/13

ABCD and ABXY are two parallelograms on the same base AB on opposite sides of it.Prove that XCDY is alsoa parallelogram.


S. Usha Rani ,Meritnation Expert added an answer
Answered on 3/1/14

Join YD and AC.
Given ABCD is a parallelogram.
So, AB=CD and AB||CD. ...(1)
Also, ABXY is a parallelogram.
AB=XY and AB||XY ..(2)

From (1) and (2),
CD=XY and CD||XY (transitive property).
So, XCDY is a parallelogram.

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Akshat R , From St Xavier's High School , added an answer
Answered on 1/1/14