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all math formula in hindi langagus for class 5 to 10
Asked by Ayush Ankit(student) , on 10/8/14

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All Math formula nedeed for study

Posted by kishan984...(teacher)on 28/6/11

More Answers

पढ़िये " भूलना भूल जाओगे" 51 विषयों के याद करने के फ़ार्मूले

Posted by nlshraman(student)on 6/4/12

 what is a clause

Posted by Ramesa(student)on 5/5/12


Posted by Aruna(student)on 23/5/12

15years ago a 's age was 9/2of b.if ratio of their present ages was 12:5, what is theiraverage age?

Posted by Abhishek(student)on 28/8/12

 ckrwati byaj ka short formula

Posted by Ramesh Meena(teacher)on 15/10/12


Posted by Sonu(student)on 2/1/13

mmbnsdf skjdgvjhsgerlaiwep cirefershfbkauwyro

Posted by Karmveer(student)on 20/11/13

All Math formula needed for study

Posted by Avishi Bafna(student)on 17/7/14

Circle of parimap=

Posted by Bajrangi(student)on 13/8/14

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