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Simran , asked a question
Subject: Science , asked on 13/3/12

an element X is placed in group 14. State the formula and the nature of bonding in its chloride. Draw electron dot structure of its chloride. PLZZZ HELP   

Ms. Unforgetable From Cool Girls School, added an answer, on 13/3/12
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  • Since the element is placed in group 14 it belongs to carbon family.So it will form covalent bonds.
  • Formula of its cloride-CCl4
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Sana From National Huda Central School, added an answer, on 6/2/15
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Why do all the elements of the same period have different properties?
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Alex Akp From Keralaadventure Public School , added an answer, on 14/3/12
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therefore the element belongs to 3rd period(no.of shell) and IV A ie 14th(NO.OF VALENCE ELECTRONS)

So the element is Si with valency 4.

valency of cl is 1 

so the formulae is SiCL4

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