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an explosion occurs on the moon.will it be


b)heard on the earth instantly or after sometime?

Asked by Mrunal Kirgat(student) , on 25/12/12

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a) we may can see it depending upon how big is the explosion.

b) we cannot hear  becoz there is vaccum out in space.

Posted by Shaurya(student)on 25/12/12

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More Answers

  a) Seen  because speed of light is 3,00,000 km / per sec. So the explosion on the moon will be seen first.

Posted by Prashant Chauha...(student)on 25/12/12

 exlosion must see first and sound is heard later because the speed of light is more than sound


Posted by Naveen Kamra(student)on 25/12/12


Posted by Sara Ahmed(student)on 25/12/12

 It can be seen depending on the size of explosion but not heard as space is vacuum and sound needs a medium to travel.

Posted by Shreya Jain(student)on 25/12/12

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