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 answer of workbook class 10 interact in english cbse   qC.3. Given below is a picture of a beautiful scene you saw on your trip to

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Write an email to your friend Harsh, in
Bangalore, describing the scene. To help you write your e-mail, first
match the determiners in the box with items from the picture. (X
indicates that the word does not require a determiner.) Apart from the
determiners given in the box, you can also use other suitable determiners.
. two, three (etc), an, a, the, several, many, very little, every, each, X
__________mango groves
__________river ganga
__________prayer flags
__________team of security officials

Asked by Himanshu Randad(student) , on 30/10/12

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The online version of the workbook of class X does not provide a clear picture of the Varanasi scene. We shall provide the answer to this question as soon as we procure the book. The inconvenience is deeply regretted.

Posted by Saimaon 1/11/12

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More Answers

 many  mango groves
to ghats
the river ganga
several prayer field
an ascetics
many boats
x sand 
these answers were dicussed in school and thats why iam posting this
i do have left some undone well it was  a new teacher her voice was less audible hence i was not able to write the rest 
any way good luck

Posted by Vinoop(student)on 8/6/12

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