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Appearances are deceptive.Discuss the reference of the two boys.

Asked by Roshan Kumar(SRI SANKARA VIDYALAYA) , on 4/6/12

It is a fact that appearances are deceptive and all that glitters is not gold.Nichola and Jacopo look street urchins, thieves and what not. No one can guess from their appearances that they could have great qualities of gentlemanliness and sacrificing for others. In that they had to forget their own interests. What they do for their sister is just superb and unparalleled.

Posted by Pratikshya Sahu(oxford public school) on 4/6/12

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Appearances can surely be deceptive. The physical garb may not reflect the soul of the person and thus, being judgemental on the basis of appearance would be wrongful. In the story, the two brothers used to be very shabbily dressed, so much so that the driver advised the narrator not buy anything of them as he suspected them of trickery. He had thought that two boys in such poor condition were surely upto some mischief. Though the narrator had taken a liking to the boys from the very start and greatly appreciated their hardworking nature, he had his doubts and thought it all to be too good to be true. He felt that the brothers were upto some roguery if not in their means of earning then atleast in their way of spending. This is why he asked the boys what they did with the money they collected. He thought there must be something wrong somewhere. But it was not so at all. The brothers remained uncomplainingly in their dishevelled state but worked with passion inorder to make enough money to be given as treatment fee for their sister. They were self-sacrificing and did not even think of running away with the money. Their "plans" were very philanthropic. Moreover, they were very ethical as they refused any favor offered to them. Despite the tragedy they had been through, they did not take to wrongful habits and means. Thus judging a person based on pre-concieved notions is always a great error. The narrator, too, realises this truth after he gets to know of their history and at the end, considers them noble and worthy of heart-felt respect.

Posted by Pavithra .d(Kendriya Vidyalaya no1 afs tambaram) on 12/4/14

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