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 article of "blind aping of western culture"?

Asked by Anurag Rathore(student), on 25/6/11


give article on "blind aping of western culture"

Posted by pushkar95822...(student), on 4/1/12


Posted by Rawat(student), on 21/6/12

Aping of Western Culture by the Younger GenerationIt is the age of globalisation. The world has shrunk to a global village.The modern industrial culture is the product of western culture. It is quiet natural that it dominates the cultural scenario of the civilized world. The younger generations like fun,enjoyment and adventures. Their fascination for the materialistic culture is quite obvious. They ape western culture. They are indifferent to their great cultural heritage. Their attitude to the age long customs and values is quite lukewarm. Some times they openly defy and make mockery of traditions,old ideas and ideals.There should be no room for narrow thinking. Culture and ideas know no geographical limits. Liberalisation of our economy opened gates for the multinational companies in India. Western corporations are the ambassadors of the western life styles,values and culture.The love of our young men and women for Ray-Ban goggles ,Addidas shoes, LeCoste's T-shirts, Pepe jeans and many other established brands of the West have become a reality. Boys Girls in schools and colleges know little about Pandit Ravi Shankar Pt. Jasraj. They dance to the tunes of Pop stars like Michael Jackson, Madona the Venga Boys.The Growing pub culture in big cities has popularised boozing among young men. Late night discoes and Beer-clubs are doing the rest. Actually, the younger generation in India in India is passing through a cultural crisis.Poverty,corruption, frequent communal riots and religious fanatiscim have created indifference towards their own culture. They are not exposed to the spiritual and lastings values of Indian Culture.It is the fault of our education and upbringing. We should develop confidence and pride in our own culture. We will have to take the lead to make others follow us.

Posted by Hiba(student), on 29/8/13
  • Aping of Western Culture by the younger generation

Life in the big city is fast paced. The influence of modernization and western culture is reflected easily in the attitudes of people, especially, the younger generation. The glamour of big cities attracts the younger generation to cinema halls, restaurants and discotheques. Bunking classes and truancy are becoming common in schools and colleges. Fed on coca-culture, pop-music and disco dance, the youngsters are forgetting their traditional values completely. In their blind aping of western culture, maxims like 'simple living and high thinking' seem old fashioned and outdated. With scant regard for the wisdom and experience of the older generation, the youngsters are becoming more demanding, many a time going far beyond their means to fulfil their temptations for fancy things. The gap between the young and the old is widening gradually as the youth is developing a rebellious attitude towards everything. They are more aggressive than ever before. Very early in life, they are exposed to too much violence and through cinema, television or internet.

Where will all this lead the younger generation to ? I think the schools must insist more upon value-orientation programmes to discipline and quieten the minds of the youngsters. Faith should be restored in our own Indian culture by organising programmes highlighting the rich cultural heritage of India. The energies of the young must be employed in constructive ways so that they feel proud of being what they really are.

Posted by Hiba(student), on 29/8/13
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