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best reference book for physics, chemistry,biology ,maths for cbse class 11.

Asked by Kajal Varshney(student), on 12/6/12



ncert for chemistry is a must.. besides, for physics, CONCEPTS OF PHYSICS by HC VERMA is a gud book.. n for maths u can go with R.D.Sharma.....

Posted by Simran ..(student), on 12/6/12

I want to know best refresher books available for Biology, physics and chemistry for class 11th

Posted by Juhi(student), on 21/10/12

books good for class12th

Posted by Zaid(student), on 26/11/12

predeep,s books are the awasome but you must clear your basics first

Posted by Zaid(student), on 26/11/12

pradeep,s refrence books are the awasome one but remember to clear your basics first

Posted by Zaid(student), on 26/11/12

 for 11 class physics go for dinesh the best book ever.i am a IIT student selected for IIT delhi 2012.i read it very thoroughly and passed IIT examination with 24 rank.for Chemistry go for pradeep the best book for this.And for IIT maths go for Elements fundamental very very very very useful just like Biable.i want that many students should pass this examination. Go with my  way i am sure trhat you will really get success and topperrr success success success.

Posted by Tanish(student), on 21/4/13

 Best book for maths

Posted by Rushi Patel(student), on 6/6/13

dinesh publication by s.k sharma for class 9 science

Posted by Aditya Patrikar(student), on 3/9/13
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