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can explain me prop and stilt roots more clearly???

Asked by shailendrasingh...(student) , on 28/7/11


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 the prop roots are positively geotrophic. it is cylindrical roots growing towards the soil and act as a pillar to support the upper part of the plant. The canopy of the tree is huge and heavy. e.g., banyan tree 

the stilt roots grow obliquely from the lower nodes of the stem of plants towards the soil and fixes the plant properly. e.g., sugarcane, maize

prop roots

  stilt roots 

no thmb down...........

Posted by Geet The Unsee...(student)on 28/7/11

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An adventitious root that arises from the stem, penetrates the soil and helps support the stem is known as prop root.
Maize plant is one such example that have prop roots.

Stilt roots are typically they are found in rainforests where soils are poor so roots don't go deep. They grow down from lateral branches, branching in the soil.

@Gurveen:  It's a great answer that you have provided! Keep up the good effort! You deserve a for your answer.


Posted by Ankita Agarwal(MeritNation Expert)on 3/8/11

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ankita ma 'am i m giving so many answer but no expert ha sgiven me thumps up.....this ias not fair

Posted by Vijay Giri(student)on 13/8/11

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