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can i get some important questions for the book three men in a boat from 11 -19 chapters wich can appear in sa2????

i mean to say 5 mark questions. plsssss.

Asked by Divam Bansal(SHIVALIK PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 12/11/13


As of now, we will not be able to provide extra questions and answers. However, a detailed summary of the novel has been provided for your convenience.


Posted by Shraddhaon 13/11/13

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Jerome K. Jerome 's two companions were George and Harris. What was Harris 's full name?

 What was the name of the dog that accompanied the three friends on their journey up the River Thames?

 Jerome went to the British Library to read up on a medical condition. After consulting a medical encyclopedia, which was the only illness that he was sure that he definitely did NOT have?

 Uncle Podger attempted to undertake which task himself, with disastrous consequences?

 What pungent items did Jerome agree to transport back from Liverpool for one of his friends?

 In which famous English tourist attraction did Harris get lost?

 Whose attempts to sing a comic song descend into a farce?

 Jerome commences the packing whilst George and Harris look on. After he has finished packing, he is concerned that he has forgotten to pack which item?

 What type of tinned fruit did Jerome, George and Harris unsuccessfully attempt to open?

 Who actually caught the fine Trout displayed in the public house?

Posted by Allen Jameson 1/2/13


Character sketch of george,harris,montomorency and J.

Posted by Niharika Koushik( Kendriya Vidyalaya DRDO) on 4/3/13


 can u give me the ans for those questions? plz i need them today i.e. 12/3/13 plz........

Posted by Pritamon 12/3/13


 plz................ give those questions? answers plzzzzzz........

Posted by Ravion 14/3/13


The 9th one:

The trio tried to break open a tinned bottle of pineapple. The incident:

George took out an tin on pineapple and a smile came up on the three 's face. But they soon realised that they had forgotten the tin opener behind. Harris tried to open it using his pokect knife. But he nearly got his had cut. George tried the scissors and it narrowly missed  his eye. The writer tried with the spiky end of the hitcher but in vain. The tin rolled out of his control and pused him between the river and muddy water. But the tin rolled unhurt braking a tea cup.

Posted by Shivani S(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 22/3/13


 The 10th one:

The trio reached an inn. As they were talking about the trout a man entered claming it to be caught him. Many poeple kept claiming it as theirs and gave different descriptions on it. Out of axienty, George puts up a ladder and but mistake the trout fall and breaks into inumerous pieces. The humour is that the trout was made of plater of paris.

Posted by Shivani S(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 22/3/13


can i have the fifth ans plzz !!!

Posted by Bilalon 17/8/13


5 th one Harris got lost in Hampton court maze

Posted by Nainika Deepakon 22/8/13


id b happy to knw 6ths answer ! any 1 ?

Posted by Rhea(LAUREL HIGH THE SCHOOL) on 17/9/13

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