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can you give the summary for the chapter pariksha written by premchand please?

Asked by Dhruv(Brightlands School) , on 2/6/15

its prety easy . the moti wala muhavra teaches us that to get any thing we need to work hard even if that requires the most of our effort. thats how jankinath was selected.

Posted by Shradha Surana(G.D.Birla centre for education) on 22/5/12

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the story basically revolves around a man, pandit jankinath, who leaves behind all other people trying to 'show-off ' their good qualities. This person is chosen not just because he wakes up early or cz he reads the holy scriptures aloud in the morning, but bcoz he cared to help a farmer in pulling out his ox from a 'nala ' despite being hurt in the leg himself in a game of hockey; while others simply ignored the farmer & moved on.

The story brings out the msg that one is worthy of & is awarded only when he sticks to his virtues even when none is watching

Hope i helped u :-))))))))))))

Posted by Special(St. Mary's Convent High School) on 22/5/12

why same integer repel and different integer attract

Posted by Nikita Agrawalon 17/5/14

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