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can you tell me how much electrons do K,L,M,N have . plz

Asked by momin.ehsan...(Ryan International School Kharghar) , on 29/12/10


Hi Momin,
The maximum number of electrons which can be accommodated in K, L, M and N shells are as follows.
K - shell: 2 electrons
L - shell: 8 electrons
M – shell:18 electrons
N – shell: 32 electrons
Hope, this answers your question.
Best wishes!

Posted by Shukla Paladhion 30/12/10

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you can determine the number of electrons in any shell by using the formula 2n2 . here n is the position of the shell.

k shell-2n2- 2x12=2

got it?

Posted by Nisha Parth(J.G. International School) on 27/8/11

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