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 character sketch of 3 men in a boat


Asked by Queen Pinky(parent) , on 5/11/13

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The character sketches have already been provided on the website. Kindly go through your Study Material. 

Posted by Madhura Sarkar(MeritNation Expert)on 6/11/13

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r u a paid member if yes you can go throught the following link


Posted by Ayushi Sharma(student)on 14/3/13



  • a practical young man, who could not appreciate romanticism in the world around him.
  • fond of drinking and eating; not too fond of working hard.
  • not much imagination and was more aggressive than the other two.
  • had a strange fascination for cemeteries and tombs
  • not much aesthetic sense and dressed in loud colours like orange and yellow, which did not suit him.
  • a terrible singer and could never remember the words to a song.
  • thought he could cook well, but as the incident with the eggs showed, he was not a good cook either.
  • frank and outspoken young man, which was evident when he ensured that George did not play his Banjo within his hearing.



  • employed at a bank, where the only work his friends thought he did was sleep
  • had some knowledge of the ways of the world and was the one to give sensible advice and suggestions, such as the articles that should be taken along on the trip, the clothes, food, etc.
  • calmer and less aggressive than Harris.
  • did not appear to have much sense of style, however, as evident from the loud blazer he had bought for the trip.
  • did not like spending much thought on trivial matters as he remarked that ‘if anything was broken, it was broken.’
  • last one to offer to do anything that required physical labour.
  • not very quick-witted and depended on the others to lead him. He loved laughing at others but did not enjoy it much when the joke turned on him.
  • keen to learn to play the Banjo, but he played quite badly and even turned a cheerful song into a mournful tune
  • some knowledge of cooking, as can be seen by the fact that he made a healthy Irish Stew.




  • The narrator, a happy-go-lucky young man like his two friends
  • fond of animals, as seen in his interactions with cats and his dog, Montmorency.
  • hypochondriac, imagining that he had all the imaginable diseases of the world, just by reading about them.
  • more sensible and practical than the other two and shows a knowledge and appreciation for the historical aspect of the English countryside.
  • Like his friends, he too disliked hard work, and was convinced that he had been labouring the most while the other two lazed about.
  • more romantic and imaginative soul, with his head often in the clouds, as he lost sight of the fact that he was steering time and again, while admiring the scenery. He was the most affected by the beauties of nature. In fact, he had turned down the inn at Datchet initially because it did not have honeysuckle growing over it and hence was not picturesque enough.
  • keenest sense of aesthetics as he constantly critiques his friends’ choices of clothing.
  • sense of humour and maintained a steady balance between the diverse personalities of George and Harris .




  • A rather world-weary fox terrier, Montmorency was the narrator’s dog.
  • When the narrator had found him, he had thought that he would not survive for too long but Montmorency had proved him wrong by not only surviving, but by turning out to be quite a high-spirited dog, killing chickens, chasing cats and fighting against other dogs.
  • Montmorency had a tendency to get underfoot and be more of a general hindrance than of any help.
  • He disrupts the packing in umpteen ways and gets proceeds to get two other dogs inside the house.
  • His nature is marked by curiosity and a desire to help as seen by his attempt to hold the boiling kettle and the contribution of the dead rat respectively.
  • Though he is quick to get into fights with dogs, he is also quick to fall back when faced with more determined adversaries like cats.

Posted by Roshni Pande(student)on 14/3/13


 arushi sharma........r u a paid member ?

Posted by Caroline Abc(student)on 15/5/13


 rosh ni you rock you just dont know that how many people you have helped!!!!!!!!! i salute you you r just too good 

Posted by Jyotika(student)on 2/7/13


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Posted by Prince(student)on 8/7/13


Thanks a lot Roshni!!i appreciate u!

Posted by Saanika(student)on 14/8/13


well thank u roshni so much!!!

i appreciate ur efforts!!!!

Posted by Cia Jain(student)on 25/8/13


Thank you Roshini u have helped me out for my sa-1 exams

Posted by Ipshita(tutor)on 26/8/13


ayushi u can copy and give it y did u give he website what if someon is not a paid member and i need the charatrsketch for first n chapters can roshni help me

Posted by Harmanpreet Sin...(student)on 11/9/13