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Asked by Sahil (student) , on 9/8/13

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  • cannot choose/change their leaders
  • cannot form their own political associations without any consent of the existing powers
  • no freedom to protest, to organise and to express their views
  • not allowed the freedom to express their displeasure at any policies if they don 't like them.

Posted by Aishwarya Ramamurthy (student) on 12/8/13

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write the common features of non democratic country?

Posted by Shivanshu Kumar (student) on 17/8/11


 describe four main problems faced by wiemar republics


Posted by Shivanshu Kumar (student) on 17/8/11

  • people cannot choose or elect their leaders
  • they dont have the freedom of speech and expression
  • cannot form trade unions and associations

Posted by Karthik Menon (student) on 18/5/12


A non-democratic government is unelected and not accountable to the people that are governed. It 's decisions cannot be scrutinised and power is generally not transferred peacefully. Transfer of power is often occupied by a military coup or large-scale violence. The institutions created by such government are often undermined to suit the interests of the rulers which gives rise to corruption. There is no transparency in administrative affairs. The police and military often wield extraordinary power in such forms of governance.

Different forms of non-democratic government are monarchy, dictatorship, single-party rule and oligarchy.

Posted by Parigyan Tamuly (student) on 17/6/12


 it is some what the complete opposite of a democratic government

Posted by Niranjan Muraleedhar (student) on 2/8/12


 bale bale

Posted by Pranav (student) on 21/8/12



Posted by Aditya (student) on 15/4/13


Non democratic country

a. People are not allowed to criticise the government.

b. Workers are not allowed to form trade unions.

c. Equality is not enjoyed by the people and they depend on the mercy of the ruler.

d. Freedom of press is denied.

e. Rulers are not elected by the people.

Posted by Jo (student) on 9/8/13

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