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compare the images of bharat mata and germania........??

Asked by Bluestar (student) , on 9/3/12

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In both cases the nation has been depicted as a female figure. This points to the visualization of the nation as mother or motherland. Both images show heroism, power and authority. In the case of Germania the crown of oak leaves shows heroism and the sword shows power and authority. In the case of Bharat Mata the lion and elephant show heroism and the flag shows power and a hope for a better future.

Posted by Aishwarya (student) on 9/3/12

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can it be more long..........

Posted by Bluestar (student) on 9/3/12


this is the answer from meritnation
The image of Bharat Mata as painted by Abanindranath Tagore shows her as bestowing learning, food and clothing. She bears aesthetic quality as denoted by the  mala  held by her. This is similar to the image of Germania as painted by Philip Veit, where she holds a sword, but looks more feminine. The other painting of Bharat Mata is more manly in its representation. In it, she is shown as bearing power and authority as denoted by the lion and elephant beside her. The latter image is more akin to the image of Germania by Lorenz Clasen, where she wields a sword and shield, and looks ready to fight.

Posted by Himanshu Dhawale (student) on 9/3/12


(i) The image of Germania was the symbol of German nation whereas; the image of Bharat Mata was the symbol of Indian nation.

(ii) Both images inspired nationalists who worked very hard to unify their respective countries and to attain a liberal nation.

(iii) The image of Bharat Mata is different from that of Germania in the sense that former reflects the religious basis of its making.

(iv) The image of Bharat Mata painted by Abanindranath Tagore is bestowed with learning, food, clothing and some ascetic quality also. Another painting of Bharat Mata in which we find Mata holding Trishul and standing beside a lion and an elephant – symbols of power and authority. This image appears to be more akin to the image of Germania where she holds a sword and a shield. 

Posted by Baban Singh (student) on 21/11/12


Germania was the allegory of Germany and Bharat Mata was the allegory of India. In both cases the female figures were depicted for the two nations that was why nation was known as th emotherland. Both the figures showed heroism ,power,and authority.In the case of Germania the crown of oak leaves shows heroism,the sword shows power and authority. In cae of Bharat Mata ,the lion and elephant shows heroism and flag shows power and a hope for better future.both the figures inspired nationalists who worked very hard to unify their respective nations.

Posted by Rahat (student) on 4/12/12


compaer the imag of germania bharat mata

Posted by Asfgcdh (tutor) on 23/11/14

  • Bharat Mata was drawn by Rabindranath Tagore. She represents the Indian nation and is shown divine , spiritual and calm along  with a trishul and a tiger and elephant , both symbolising power and authority. The rays of light represents the light for better future.
  • Germania represents the German Nation . She is a female figure and is shown with  oak leaves  on head representing heroism. She is shown with a sword and a breastplate showing the symbol of German Nation
In both Bharat Mata and Germania, they represent their ow countries, their heroism , power and authority...


Posted by Amey Sunu (student) on 15/2/15



Bharat Mata

Posted by Amey Sunu (student) on 15/2/15

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