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crossword puzzles with mathematical terms with answers

Asked by Madhvendra Sing...(parent) , on 12/6/14

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1. What do you call this formula: [-b ± √(b^2-4ac)] / 2a?
2. A polygon with 10,000 sides.
3. A big ****** ' number!
4. The intersection of the x-axis and the y-axis in a coordinate plane.
5. Any number divided by zero is _______.
6. A part of an equation that isn 't really anything but could be anything (as in an integer, a complex number, anything...) that always remain as mystery in the field of mathematics.
7. A side of a right triangle that is considered as the longest side.
8. The opposite of any given number, if it were to become bipolar.
9. A statement that of two quantities one is specifically less than or greater than another.
10. A branch of mathematics dealing with spatial relationships.
11. It is said to be _______ when you are looking for the square root of a negative number.
12. Two lines that will never meet are called _______ lines.
13. A device that gives you an ease in calculating mathematical problems and is responsible for having a more accurate answers.
14. A straight line which a curve approaches arbitrarily closely, but never reaches, as they go to infinity.
15. A precise step-by-step plan for a computational procedure that begins with an input value and yields an output value in a finite number of steps

1. quadratic
2. myriagon
3. infinity
4. origin
5. undefined
6. variable
7. hypotenuse
8. reciprocal
9. Inequality
10. geometry
11. imaginary
12. parallel
13. calculator
14. asymptote
15. algorithm

*i hope i helped you with these

**you can also check online... just look for math terminologies, glossaries, etc... but i picked some for you and it surely takes some time... but you can also check some sites that others that answered your question before me... it may help but my sources are those listed below...

n u can create  crossword puzzle urself online...!!

see dis link..!


hope u 'll hv funn..!! :)

Posted by Hr Ek Friend Ka...(student)

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what is evaporation

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