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debate in favour of topic, 'does UN appears to be a democratic organ '

Asked by Saakshi Totla(HOWARD PUBLIC SCHOOL) , on 23/6/15

It seems to be a democratic organisation as 193 countries send there representative for forming opinion but the five permanent members of the security council can use there veto power to stop the decision

Posted by Nishchayon 8/5/12

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 it is a democratic organ as representatives of each country , elect the board of directors and the chair person . UN has been established for the welfare and growth of countries all over the world and to solve the global issues . 

Posted by Saloni Vasudeva(I D DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 12/5/12

 can u plz explain in brief its too small....

Posted by Aastha Jainon 5/8/12

it is undemocratic as there is voting weightage and five permanent members, vetopowers, etc.

Posted by Supratim Banik(the secunderabad public school) on 29/8/12

 noun is not a democratic organ,,as it holds the power to put a limit on a particular contry 's rules but only five countries have veto power and main powers to make the strongest decision

Posted by Akshat Pareekon 12/5/13


cn u explain how for global issues

Posted by Bhumika Sahu(delhi public school,dhamtari) on 12/7/13


: 0

Posted by Sjkon 3/5/14

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