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Debate : MAn is a bundle of emotions

Asked by Durga Bhavani(student) , on 5/7/12

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  • Talk about man as a social animal, the only being that has got the mental faculty to understand, comprehend and judge between the right and the wrong.
  • The four basic emotions a person possesses are sadness, happiness, anger and fear.
  • Hidden or expressed, man always possesses some kind of emotion. Women are more outright in their expression while men usually feel the need to be self-reliant.
  • Emotions could be negative as well as positive. Negative emotions are unhealthy leading to a person becoming isolated, depressed and alienated from the society whereas positive emotions send positive vibes, leading to success in personal tasks as well as relationships.
  • Some people find it vulnerable to display their emotions in front of anyone while some find solace in being in company to share certain emotions.
  • How a person deals with his personal emotions describe his overall personality.
  • After all, what is life if happiness can’t be shared with your own loved ones?


-- it took me 20 mins to type it hope it helps ,,,,,if ito is helpful give a thumbs up :D best of luck for debate :D

Posted by Vaibhav Bhaskar(student)on 5/7/12

 Thanks for it dear :) it really helped :D

Posted by Durga Bhavani(student)on 5/7/12

 from which school do u belong

Posted by skhuntia...(student)on 6/7/12

our emotions often dictates how we behave .men and women may handle emotions in quiet different ways.man is a social animal;the only being that has got the mental faculty to understand .comprehened and judge between the right and the wrong .the four basic emotions a person possesses are sadness happiness anger and fear .hidden or expressed man always possesses some kind of emotions.man usually feel the need to be self-reliant .they are focussed on providing for their loved ones and hide their own emotions .This behaving  is reinforced everyday in the stereotype of heroic human .so often represented in popular culture fearless ;resourcesful ;stoic of and usually facing advercity alone ,these characters tell us a lot about what is considered to be ideal man 's behavior in our society .more powerful than the ffilm characters are the roles we see our parents playing .the way we see our parents behave becomes unconscious template for own behavior .from the four basic emotions happiness is considered the most acceptable emotion. yet anger, fear,and sadness universally felt by everyone. these emotions serve valuable purposes and normal response to threat and loss.as we all know thatemotions are with us in all situations they are strong and weak.so we need emotions to go for our sucess and we conclude that man is a bundle of emotions

Posted by skhuntia...(student)on 12/7/12


Posted by Tuhina Chatterj...(student)on 13/7/12

 why why why this topic hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont like this topic but then also have to participate searching for useful matter guys helpppppp........

Posted by Sakshi Singhai(student)on 14/7/12

 plz post something against the motion..

Posted by Shubham Gop(student)on 21/7/12

tell me just one thing.... if man is a bundle of emmotion then y man doesnt think abt other person and could kill him.... forget abt other persons y kinships r nt valued.... how a child could kill his/her own parent... how a brother can do wrong to her sis??

Posted by Kumarika Sau(student)on 28/7/12

tell me one thing if a man is a bundle of emotions then how a man cauld kill another human being??? leave abt others... how could one child kill his parents, a brother can do wrong to her sis??

Posted by Kumarika Sau(student)on 28/7/12

 i have to learn this topic and iam not getting much information in net 

god this sucks 

Posted by Pranee Sweet(student)on 29/7/12

this is the topic they got for the K.V. social science exb. !!! they could have got a better topic ,!

Posted by Vidya M(student)on 30/7/12

yes man is abunndle of emotion because if not why v help other dude think about this.

Posted by Saloni(student)on 31/7/12

a man is a bunndle of emotion because if not so why v help others think about this dude. please think

Posted by Saloni(student)on 31/7/12

 Me too participating in debate for such topic..i.e., Man is a bundle of emotions or not..I am against the motion.

Posted by Ankit Anand(student)on 3/8/12

 m also participating in dis comp. guys plzzzzz help

Posted by Shabnam Bushra(student)on 10/8/12

u can take help from net.....................

Posted by Sapana(student)on 16/8/12

me too standing in debate against the motion ................

and same topic

Posted by Sapana(student)on 16/8/12

 may god will help u guys  i think its not working

Posted by Vinita(student)on 17/8/12

 yaaa me tooooooooooooooooooooo

Posted by Vinita(student)on 17/8/12

I strongly appose the motion... 
it is only human beings who posseses a superior brain and the power to think and understand through its virtue. This aspect seperate humans from animals and beasts. Human beings having their own virtues and having bundles of LOGICS. 
When one saya a bundle of sticks it only mean stick.... Like wise man is nt a bundle of emotions... !! 
If human beings does not posseses logic thn law of gravity would have never been discovered as sir Newton at the first go an ate the apple treating it as a gift of nature.... :) Humans cn nvr success with being a bundle of emotions. .... examples are also there....... terrorist.... corrupted pples who are ready to kill thousnds of innocent ppls only for money.... !! and at  present we have number of examples which certify that human is nt a bundle of emotions... !!! 

nothing is good or bad in the world oue thinking make us so...... 


Posted by Shalini Pandey(student)on 21/8/12

meee tooo participating  in this debate  competition ..........all the best

Posted by Nivea S(student)on 27/9/12

pls help me to gather points in favour of the motion............

Posted by Nivea S(student)on 27/9/12

Hey im too participating in it.,,, against da motion bt in HINDI... n got selected 4 da cluster level :)

Posted by Utirna Ray(student)on 28/9/12

 guys wherez ur venue for clusters and regionals

Posted by Sheetal Indu(student)on 4/10/12

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