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debate on 'computers and children:a boon or bane '.

Asked by Vikhyati(student) , on 17/11/13

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Computers and Children

Boon or bane


1. The technology savvy children of today have accepted the computer as an integral part of their lives.

2. With the help of computers and internet, it is now much easier for children to access information of all sorts.

3. With the help of computers, education has become interesting. Children can now search any topic, for example science or social studies, under the sky with the help of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

4. Children learn new things faster and are up to date with the latest happenings around the globe.

5. E-learning is the latest trend these days. Various educational portals have come up. The purpose is to help children in their education.


1. Computer is a machine that makes everything on the Internet so easily accessible that it is difficult to keep children away from things they are not supposed to know at a certain age.

2. Children spend much time in playing games or social networking rather than their education and learning.

3. As everything is just one click away, children are becoming lazy and have lost the habit of manually referring to books or even dictionary.

4. They like to spend much time on the computer rather than playing outdoor games. They do social networking only on the Internet rather than going out and playing with friends.

5. The new disease on the computer or to say Internet is the ‘virtual world’. It is a computer-based simulated environment. A user takes an avatar and lives it virtually on the computer. It has its own negative effects, the user starts losing grip on the real world.

Posted by Akshayaa Shanka...(student)on 23/2/12


computersare the best way to gain knowledge anywhere and at anytime.......

-shraddha pareek

Posted by Shraddha Pareekon 29/10/12


is realy computers are bane to childrens

Posted by Renu Suresh(student)on 5/11/12


 computer is a bane for students because it would have bad effect on their academics 

Posted by Arman Chand(student)on 9/12/12


 computers are very useful in todays life for geeting information

Posted by Richa Singh(student)on 20/12/12


in now day cmputers r the life of a person no body can live without it

Posted by Anushree Soni(student)on 24/12/12


children and computers are a boon for the society. computer is a very integral part of the life.

Posted by Apoorva Mittal(student)on 3/1/13


 computer are one of the greatest invention man has ever made, but now it is turn out to be a bane!!!!!

Posted by Amarah(student)on 7/1/13


 computer boon but it also a bane for child

Posted by Rishavrana(student)on 11/2/13


 students are just totally adected with computers they dont have their own creativity or own ideas they just copy from net and then present it students should have reading habbits not on computers but with books......

Posted by Anjali Bp(student)on 11/2/13


good answers

Posted by Hari(student)on 12/2/13