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Anwesh Pradhan from SIDO KANU HIGH SCHOOL, asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 30/7/13

debate on should ipl be banned'


Madhura Sarkar , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 1/8/13
1474 helpful votes in English

Please follow the link given below:


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Shivani Prasad From Apeejay School, added an answer, on 30/7/13
11 helpful votes in English

Let us analyze what this volcano called IPL really is1.Is it a sport?No - IPL does not promote cricket as a sport-2.Is it a business?No - IPL does not promote business in the true sense too there is no real product of value that is created and no guarantee of the outcome thus making it a matter of chance/gamble.-3.Does IPL promote team spirit and camaraderie?No - IPL makes players individualistic for their financial interest making sure they are rated higher than their teams-4.Does IPL promote nationalism?No unlike traditional cricket when people would sit up with passion precisely because it was their country at stake here its just money-5.Does IPL promote self esteem in players?No - IPL makes players into trad able, auction- able commodities thus devaluing them-6.Does IPL promote talent in cricket?No - talent power has become second grade to money power - how can players be happy with this?-7.Is IPL a harmless family entertainment/event?No - Forced after hour IPL parties promote sleaze, vulgarity, and in turn de-focus players from their game to other frivolous things.-8.Is IPL a classy event?No - Cheer girls in their ugly and kinky attires (or lack thereof) serve as a major embarrassment and distraction to players and audiences and cheapen the game-9.Does IPL further the career of cricketers?No - IPL has become a stage for jesters and actors who jump, hug, tie sacred threads, go to tantriks, and make it a point to be present at most matches to garner on the free publicity which they typically thrive on to survive in their own professions-10.Is the revenue earned by IPL shared with those who pay for its operations?No - Revenue earned will fill the pockets of these already rich select individuals more through hyped market capitalization-11.Does IPL provide a clean, wholesome platform for business?No -IPL serves as a convenient platform for money laundering, betting, gambling, transforming black money to white, promotion of sleaze, and extraction of money from the pockets of the middle class to fill those of the moneyed class.-12.DoesIPL T20add concrete, definable value to industry or society?No - IPL does not add any real value to society or industry and instead ensures a waste of hundreds of productive hours. IPL defocuses people from their personal or professional goals and is responsible for the time wasted by our youth and future generations.-So whether it has reached a US $4bn market cap or more, whether the franchisee owners will be doubling their returns in a year or so, what difference does that make to us you and me? A select few will become richer to further flaunt their ostentatious lifestyle funded by us to gratify their egos. More of them will roam around in private jets and own yachtsSo the question friends, is not whether Modi should go but whether IPL should go. Given the widespread money tangle opportunities it offers though none of the constituents of the ecosystem will vote for banning IPL. They have and will continue to create and maintain a hype around it so the herd keeps watching and funding it.-The only one who can and should vote for its shut down should be us the people of India. We gain NOTHING through Indian Premier League and hence we should not buy any of the hype and ask for a ban on it.-Vote for a ban on IPL!!

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Shivani Prasad From Apeejay School, added an answer, on 30/7/13
11 helpful votes in English

40% of India's population is below poverty line. 782 million Indians will be earning less than $2 per day by 2020. Inflation and price rise has made it impossible for a common man to even have one meal a day. The country is plagued by security threats from terrorists in the form of Naxalites and Jihadis.Hundreds of farmers who were striving for an honest, hard living have been forced to commit suicide.Critical problems related to Agriculture, Finance, Internal and External Security involving our veteran ministersSharad Pawar,Pranab MukherjeeandChidambaramhave all gone unnoticed and unattended to. Not once did the three ministers meet together or call a special session to discuss and brainstorm on solutions to such grave and critical problems faced by India.Before a couple of days though, all Three ministers met for a special session.Reason 1- IPL with a hyped valuation of US$4.1 billion or Rs 19000 Cr. Involvement ofpoliticians,Industrialists,Bollywood stars, actors, escorts, models, players , foreign funders.Reason 2 Shashi Tharoor - one of their ministers had to be ousted under pressure on corruption chargesThis meansIndian Premier Leaguehas proved that the money of the rich is more important than the lives of the common man. This also means that no one can point fingers at Congress ministers. If they do, they are going to have it. The Government and its ministers with the media in cohort will not hesitate in tightening the noose on the rebel they will not even allow him a say but conclude he is guilty and prepare for his exitWhere does that leave us -you and me?Why should we allow this to happen? What is in it for us? What entertainment do we get seeing our money fund the jets and mercks of those actors who attain their super diva status thanks to us or of those companies who compromise on their product quality, pricing and service and instead prefer to spend millions in being visible during IPL T20 in the name of branding?The ecosystem created by IPL includes everyone from politicians to players, actors to businessmen, cricketers to cricket lovers and it is these cricket lovers like you and me who pay all these other constituents. Interestingly while all of them make millions, we the audience ends up in losing .

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