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Abhigyan Dhal , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 2/9/13

debate on why computer education is compulsory in primary school


Pratibha Kumari ,Meritnation Expert added an answer
Answered on 8/9/13

You can refer to the answer given by anagha jayaraj

@anagha jayaraj : Good attempt!!! However, we recommend you to be careful about the grammatical errors. 

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Anagha Jayaraj , From Kv No 2 Naval Base Kochi , added an answer
Answered on 2/9/13

Computer education are compulsory in primary schools because it is of great importance of including computers in the ducation of students and utilize them for learning technology. They can use it for learning, when used effectively, this amazing tool provides valuable foundation skills that help young students succeed in later classes and in a technology-rich society.Students are expected to be proficient in word processing and at least exposed to research skills as early as 3rd and 4th grade.In order to be successful in later grades, primary students must learn foundational technology skills just as they learn the foundations of any other subject in school. Learning to write and compute math takes years of practice in early grades. Learning to navigate through programs and the tools of technology using the computer takes years of practice as well.Computers open the door to the world as textbooks and lectures never did, generating a global outlook at an early age. Rather than simply seeing a local farm on a field trip, students can participate in interactive virtual field trips around the globe. This increases student understanding and creates connections that lend depth to primary learning. Virtual field trips are unaffected by budget cuts and weather.