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define the principal focus of a convex mirror

Asked by aishwaryakrishna30... (student) , on 13/11/10

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it cn b..lik diss--wen d rays r ll to the principle ....in a convx mirrr..they ' 'appear ' ' ' 2 diverzz  4m a point..and d point is calld--principle focus...........

Posted by Karishma Rai (student) on 13/11/10

More Answers

......the focus of a concave and convex both r same....

Posted by Krish Biswal (student) on 21/1/12

The principle focus of a concex lens

  A ray is a parallel of the principle axis and at point the principle focus after passes through the convex lens. This phenomeno is called the principle focus of a covex lens.

Posted by Sankim (student) on 14/8/12

The reflected rays appear to come from a point on the principal axis. And this point is called the principal focus of the convex mirror.

Posted by vidhyasweet97... (student) on 30/10/12


define focus of convex mirror i did not get a niceanswer

Posted by Aaisha (student) on 6/7/14

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