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Mona , asked a question
Subject: Social Science , asked on 6/9/13

"Democracy is not a magical solution for all the problems".Explain.

Gouri Lekshmi Hari From Sree Narayana Public School, added an answer, on 6/9/13
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Democracy is not magical solution for all problems. Democracy has many defects. Eventhough it ensures people the right to take their own decisions, it does not guarantee that all descisions will be good. Since so many people are consulted their will be a delay in descision making. A democratic government is unstable as there is constant change in leadership. Electoral competition leads to corruption. therefore we can conclude that democracy is not a magical solution to all problems but is better than other forms of government.

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Ankit Modak From Sarada Vidya Mandir, added an answer, on 16/8/15
A democratic government is considered to be an achievement of the modern world. It is better than many other forms of government, like the other forms of government it also have some problems but does not possess a magical solution for all of them. To support the statement i would like to provide some of the points -
 (1) It has not ended poverty in countries in 60 years in many parts of the world.
 (2) Democracy as a form of government only ensures people to take their decisions but doesn.t guarantee that those will be good. People can make mistakes even the people involved in decision making process who doesn't know the best interest of the people.
(3) It leads to frequent changes in the government so representatives can't work with a fearless hand.
(4) In democracy ruling party pressurise even journalist and judges.
(5) Politicians don't care for nations they think only for self interest.

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Arkopravo Kundu From Sarada Vidya Mandir, added an answer, on 13/8/15
Democracy is not a magical solution to all the problems because of the following reasons-
1.It does not guarantee that the decisions will be good.
2.Many peoples are consulted in democracy,so it leads to delay.
3.There is a frequent changes in leadership.
4.If we file a case in court then it need 6 to 12 months for decision.So,it leads to much delay.
5.It has not ended poverty in our country and in other parts of the world.

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