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Derivation of law of conservation of energy.

Asked by Vaibhav Sehgal(student) , on 12/1/12


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Law of conservation of energy states that energy cant be created and cant be destroyed. but it can only transform from its one form to another.

Potential energy + kinetic energy = constant

mgh + 1/2 mv2 = constant

Posted by Anurag Anand(student)on 12/1/12

agree wid above

Posted by aish13(student)on 12/1/12

Energy cant be created nor be destroye only it can be transformed..

Posted by Sudhanshu Singh(student)on 12/1/12

Law of conservation of energy (during a free fall )

Let a object be 'm ' , lay on point 'a ' and is lifted to pt 'h ' and stopped at pt 'b '

therefore work done on the body is mgh.

as the body is at rest at 'b '

Kinetic energy at 'b ' = 0

Potential energy at 'b ' =mgh

Therefore total energy at 'b ' =mgh +0



the answer is really very long 

if u want it just inform me I 'll give.

Posted by Aditi (student)on 12/1/12

 I want the whole derivation of law of conservation of energy.

plz ....Aditi Kannamwar...

Posted by Vaibhav Sehgal(student)on 13/1/12

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