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difference between life style of farmers in india and usa

Asked by Rajdeep Patel(tutor) , on 31/10/14

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indian--uses more labour,, poor irrigation ,, small land ,, large family ,,easily cheated by money lenders ,, illetrate use old farmn methods

USA-- uses technology like harvestrers ,, good irrigation ,, large land ,, lake loan frm formal credit ,, illetrate use mordern farming methods 

Posted by ---- ----(student)on 8/10/09

More Answers

difference between the lifestyle of farmers of india and usa.

Posted by Pragya Dwivedi(student)on 17/10/10

 difference between the life style of farmers in the usa and india

Posted by fayiz.mk555...(student)on 30/10/10

Indian farmers are literate where as farmers in usa are literate and they occupy more land and american farmers are more civilised tha indian farmers. american farmers take the help of machines unlike indian farmers who do most of the work by hand.american farmers are richer.

Posted by V. Aashis(student)on 5/11/10

the farmers in india mostly know traditional method as they do not want to go through expences. where as farmars in usa are not less than a big buissnessman they have every thing varing from a tractor to an aeroplane. they have their house in farmland area. they have direct connection to the setellite which gives them easy assacibility of there farm.

a farmer in india will have less farmland like 1.5 hectares. where as a farmer in usa will have a farmland of about250 hectares.

Posted by V. Aashis(student)on 5/11/10

They have nothing in common, especially if you are referring to the very large number of subsistence farmers in India. 1. There are essentially no subsistence farmers in the U.S. 2. Even those farmers in the U.S. that deliberately eschew modern machinery (the Amish, etc.) typically use a higher level of technology than the typical Indian farmer. They also farm more efficiently: Indian fields and farm holding are, in general, too small to be farmed efficiently. 3. The net result is that farmers in India have a standard of living which parallels their very very low productivity

Posted by V. Aashis(student)on 5/11/10

India is having more than fifty percent of its population in agriculture but in US merely 1 crore people do this so there has to be the difference The subsidy which US government gives to its farmer is high because of this only because they need to care only this much people but in India the case is not the same .

Posted by V. Aashis(student)on 5/11/10

(1) In India farmers live very far away from there farms so it takes time to get to there farm and in the USA farmers stay very near to there farm.

(2) In India land is very less land is available with the farmers and in the USA large amount on land is available with farmers.

(3) In India electricity is not easily available in villages whereas in the USA there is no problem of electricity.

(4) In India farmers don 't have additional income from dairies and piggery 's whereas USA farmers have additional income from these fields.

(5) In India easy loan is not available which effects the life of the farmers whereas in the USA easy loan is available.

(6) In India the connectivity of food grain market is poor whereas In the USA connectivity of food grain market much better.

(7) In India farming is treated as livelihood by farmers whereas in the USA it is treated as business.

These are the reasons of difference in lifestyle of Indian farmers as compare to the American farmers.

Posted by Shivani Yadav(student)on 27/11/10

Hey aaash dis iz not an appropriate answer dis iz a totally messed up answer..................

Posted by Rahul Khulbey(student)on 6/12/10


(1) Farmers in USA occupy  lagre land in hectares.  (1) Farmers in India occupy small lands.

(2) These farmers are literarate and are actually buisnessman. (2) These farmers are illiterate and are just small farmers.

(3) They are well devloped and use modern technology and techniques to treat their land. (3) They aren 't well devloped and use 

  ancient techniques.

(4) They use more markets fertilizers and pesticidees.  (4) Household manure is used in treating their land.

(5) This farming is known as intensive agriculture.  (5) This farming is called extensive agriculture.


Posted by Kraticka Singha...(student)on 7/10/11


 they have large family and they are not able to give them food even sometimes the commit sucite and the 1 main reason is the gov. Government do nothing for the farmers whear as us farmers have small family and money lender can 't cheat them the us government also helps them in many ways............

Posted by niharikachauhan...(student)on 19/10/11


A farm in india is about 1.5 hectares.the farmers puchaseshigh yielding variety of seeds 4m market evry year.

the land is fertile and the farmers grow at least 2 crops in a year.

he takes a tractor on rent 4 ploughing his field.

Posted by Mufeed Mehaboob(student)on 24/10/11


bY THE WAY Y ARE ALL OF U DISCUSSING THIS TOPIC......iS IT FOR The activity for Geography textbook NCERT? I m 2 searching 4 it........

Posted by Arpan Srivastav...(student)on 8/11/11


thank u shivani didi................helped me in my hw dat i hd left pending since 3 weeks......................

Posted by pragatimehmdira...(student)on 9/11/11