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difference between sigma and pi bond

Asked by Deviplove Chauhan (parent) , on 3/6/13

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The differences between sigma and pi bonds are as follows:
Sigma bond
Pi bond
This bond is formed by lateral overlap of atomic orbitals.
This bond is formed by sideways overlap of atomic orbitals.
This bond is formed by the overlap of ss,sp or pp orbitals.
This bond is formed by the overlap of p orbitals. Sometimes d orbitals may also participate in pi bonding.
This bond is stronger because of larger extent of overlapping.
This bond is weaker because of lesser extent of overlapping.
There can be free rotation of atoms around s bond.
Free rotation of atoms around p bond is not possible.
This bond may be present alone or with a pi bond.
This bond is always present with a sigma bond.

Posted by Kirti Gogia (student) on 4/6/13

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sigma bond is single bond and pi bond is doule bond
sigma bond is formed by end to end overlapping of atomic orbitals whereas pi bonds are formed due to sideways overlapping  of the atomic orbitalsin a plane perpendicular to the line joining the nuclei of the atoms.


Posted by Aarshi (student) on 4/6/13

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