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 differences between solids, liquids and gases ?

Asked by Reshu Lohiya(SHERWOOD CONVENT SCHOOL) , on 20/6/12


solids- their molecules r tightly packed, they are rigid,  have definite shape

liquids- their molecules are packed looser than that of solids, they are not rigid, they do not have a definite shape-they take the shape of the container in which they r kept.

gases- their molecules are free to move-very loose, they r not rigid, do not have a definite shape-they take the shape of the container in which they r kept.

der r sum more in the tb.

Posted by Riya Punjabi(OUR OWN ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL) on 20/7/11

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  • have fixed shape
  • have fixed volume
  • have atoms that are close and highly attracted to each other
  • have atoms that have mainly vibrational kinetic energy

  • have a fixed volume
  • are not compressible, therefore, density is high like the solid
  • take the shape of their container
  • atoms are are close and attracted to one another but have some 12% of inter-particular bonds broken
  • some transitional and rotational kinetic energy is present but mainly vibrational
  • have a boiling and freezing points, vapour pressure, surface tension

  • have no fixed volume
  • low density
  • atoms are far apart
  • little to no attraction for each other
  • take shape of container

Posted by Shuchi Tyagi(Sophia Secondary School Khetrinagar) on 20/7/11


solids have a fixed volume and a fixed shape.They are rigid and their molecules are packed together.They have low kinetic energy.The rate of diffusion is very slow in solids.

liquids have a fixed volume but do not have a fixed shale.They take the shape of the container in which they are kept.They are not rigid as compared to solids and their molecules have some space between them.The rate of diggusion is faster as compared to liquids and so as their kinetic energy

gases do not have fixed shape and a fixed volume. They are highly compressable and their molecules have a lot of space berween them.The rate of diffusion and the kintic energy is fastest in gases. 

Posted by .......on 20/7/11


hope this helps you

Posted by .......on 20/7/11



Posted by N Nikitha(s.b.i.o.a school and junior college) on 21/7/11


what is the interior of the earth ?

what is the boyle 's law ?and its explain

Posted by pvsrteja9...on 22/7/11


PROPERTY                    /               SOLID                          /            LIQUID                     /           GASES

VOLUME AND SHAPE - DEFINATE SHAPE                            SHAPE OF A                         NO DEFINATE SHAPE

                                           AND VOLUME                        CONTAINER AND DEFINTE           AND VOLUME


COMPRESSIBILITY -      CANNOT BE COPRESS EXEPT    CANNOT BE COMPRESSED         CAN BE                                                                PORASSOLID                                                                                     COMPRESSED                                                                                                                                                               EASILY    

FLOW                  -             PATICLES DO NOT FLOW            PARTICLES FLOW                       PARTICLES                                                                                                                                                            FLOW EASILY        

DIFFUSION          -                 DIFFUSION SLOWLY                      DIFFUSION FAST                   DIFFUSION VERY                                                                                                                                                               FAST

Posted by Rishika Singhon 20/6/12


dssvchgsdc ,m hjf, andshkz dhhfkjdnmchmcgajs gfadjfhdljdb

Posted by Sameer Anand(KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA) on 22/6/12


the differences r in densities, weight, force of attraction between the particles, the rigidity, the kinetic energy of the molecules and many more. u can easily use an ncert textbook for reference

Posted by Prerna Pathakon 22/6/12


the differencw r their densities , intermolecular force , intermolecular space rigidity , kinetic energy ,diffusion of the molecules 

Posted by Yash Arora(GREEN WOOD PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 22/6/12


the molicules of a solids are closly

Posted by Yasir Alamon 2/7/12

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