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 differentiate between natural selection and artificial selection

Asked by Sagar Kaushik , on 11/7/15

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1.It operates over all types of organisms.

It is carried out on some of the organisms.

2.The selection is carried out by nature.

The selection is carried out by human beings.

3.Only those traits are selected which have the best adaptive value in relation to a particular environment.

The traits are selected by human beings for their fancy.

4.The organisms undergoing natural selection need no human protection for their survival.

The organisms undergoing artificial selection usually require human protection for their survival.

5.Natural selection is a slow process.

Artificial selection produces new varieties at faster rate.

6.It transforms the whole population .

It gives rise to a new variety different from the parent population.

Posted by Prakriti Sharma(SBOA PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 6/7/12

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