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differentiate metals and nonmetals  on the  basis of  physical  properties  in tabular form  .


(  malleability  ,  ductility  ,  sonorous  ,  appearance  ,,  hardness)

Asked by Sidharth Pathania , on 17/6/10


 I think you can prepare table yourself.

The properties are--

1.Malleability, Ductility, Sonorous, Hardness -- Only for metals except some exceptions

2.Appearance -- Metals -- Shiny generally

3.Boiling and Melting Point -- Metals high and non-metals not high 

4.Generally donate electrons in ionic bonds and non-metals accept electrons

All these properties are for generally observance and always


Posted by Nitin Guptaon 17/6/10

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 All these properties are for generally observance and not always

Posted by Nitin Guptaon 18/6/10

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