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differentiate metals and nonmetals  on the  basis of  physical  properties  in tabular form  .


(  malleability  ,  ductility  ,  sonorous  ,  appearance  ,,  hardness)

Asked by Sidharth Pathan...(student) , on 17/6/10

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 I think you can prepare table yourself.

The properties are--

1.Malleability, Ductility, Sonorous, Hardness -- Only for metals except some exceptions

2.Appearance -- Metals -- Shiny generally

3.Boiling and Melting Point -- Metals high and non-metals not high 

4.Generally donate electrons in ionic bonds and non-metals accept electrons

All these properties are for generally observance and always


Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)

More Answers

 All these properties are for generally observance and not always

Posted by Nitin Gupta(student)

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