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do organic compounds and biomolecules mean the same thing?? i.e. carbon compounds found in living organisms? plz clear my doubt.. :

Asked by Rheeya(student) , on 24/9/11

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 An organic compound is any member of a large class of gaseous,liquid,or solid chemical  compounds  whose molecules contain compounds .A  few types of carbon-compounds containing carbon are considered inorganic.But biomolecules are all the carbon compounds that we get from the living tissues.

Posted by Rizwana Nazrin(student)

More Answers

 organic compounds simply mean molecules containing carbon as their base atom .. 
they are given such a name beacause life basically depends upon carbon based molecules,though inorganic minerals such as Fe, Ag, Mg are needed but their quantity is negligible ! 

Biomolecules are compounds that are found in living organisms 
most abundantly found biomolecules are carbohydrates, fats, proteins etc ! 

hope this helps u ! 

Posted by Harpreet Narang(student)

thx both f u :)

Posted by Rheeya(student)

 @harpreet, ur answer is actually a v.gud 1.. :P

Posted by Rheeya(student)

NO, biomolecules are compounds present in a living cell or tissue while organic compounds can be prepared artificially

Posted by Aruna(student)

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