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do organic compounds and biomolecules mean the same thing?? i.e. carbon compounds found in living organisms? plz clear my doubt.. :

Asked by Rheeya(student), on 24/9/11


 An organic compound is any member of a large class of gaseous,liquid,or solid chemical  compounds  whose molecules contain compounds .A  few types of carbon-compounds containing carbon are considered inorganic.But biomolecules are all the carbon compounds that we get from the living tissues.

Posted by Rizwana Nazrin(student), on 6/10/11

 organic compounds simply mean molecules containing carbon as their base atom .. 
they are given such a name beacause life basically depends upon carbon based molecules,though inorganic minerals such as Fe, Ag, Mg are needed but their quantity is negligible ! 

Biomolecules are compounds that are found in living organisms 
most abundantly found biomolecules are carbohydrates, fats, proteins etc ! 

hope this helps u ! 

Posted by Harpreet Narang(student), on 16/10/11

thx both f u :)

Posted by Rheeya(student), on 16/10/11

 ur welcome  ! 

Posted by Harpreet Narang(student), on 16/10/11

 @harpreet, ur answer is actually a v.gud 1.. :P

Posted by Rheeya(student), on 18/10/11

NO, biomolecules are compounds present in a living cell or tissue while organic compounds can be prepared artificially

Posted by Aruna(student), on 9/3/12

 yes its a same

Posted by bhumu_khechoe.....(student), on 29/5/12
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