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draw up a list of democratic rights we enjoy today whose origins could be traced to the french revolution

Asked by Nikhil Nayan (student) , on 23/7/15

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 The following fundamental rights, given in the Indian constitution can be traced to the French Revolution:

• The right to equality

• The right to freedom of speech and expression

• The right to freedom from exploitation

• The right to constitutional remedies 

Posted by Madhav (student) on 23/5/12

More Answers

 draw up list of democratic rights we enjoy today whose orgins could be traced in french revolution & explain it

Posted by Megha Sharma (student) on 4/7/12

Some of the democratic rights which we enjoy today,whose origins could be traced to the French revolution are an integral part of the preamble of the Indian constitution (1) Rights to equality,including equality before law,prohibition of discrimination & equality of opportunity in matter of employment (2) Rights to freedom of speech & expression including right to practice any profession or occupation. (3) Right against exploitation (4) Right to live (5) Right to vote (6) Education right

Posted by Khushi (student) on 25/6/15

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