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essay on 'books are our best friends ' (200-250 words)..

Asked by Ayush Singhal , on 27/9/12

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Hi Sheena

Reading books is the best way to acquire knowledge about any topic, rather than learning yourself directly from experience. The point here is you do not have to invent a wheel. You need to only use it. Most of the time, due to laziness and/or lack of interest, we reduce the habit of reading books and many people do not read at all. But, this will eventually create more problems in life rather than anything positive.

We study for nearly 15 years of our life just to get a job. Once placed in a job, most people cut down the amount of reading and try to concentrate on other things in life, merely by just doing the job at hand. As they grow, they learn mostly by the work they are doing. At the same time, responsibilities and problems increase. While solving these problems or in times of handling additional responsibilities, they tend to make mistakes due to lack of knowledge (even in solving the daily-routine problems, either professional or personal).

If you want to really solve your problems in a better way OR if you want to look at all the available options while solving problems, you need to keep in mind, all the necessary relevant information. This could be collected from various sources like experience, talking to experts or books. You cannot always wait to gain the much needed experience or talk to experts to solve your problems. Since, the best part of the knowledge is available easily in books; they should be given a try. All educated people learnt mostly by books and not through experience or talking to experts. You might miss out getting experience OR you may not get opportunities to meet the right people to talk about your problems. But, you can always get books easily. Books never reject you and reading books is much easier than facing problems from multiple directions due to a lack of knowledge.

People need to realize that they face more problems in their life due to less knowledge about various subjects. If you are ...

Posted by Abhinav Vermaon 6/3/11


 essay about pollution

Posted by Jacky Rock(ALPHA HIGH SCHOOL) on 7/7/12


Good books enrich the mind by providing knowledge. They also widen the horizons of our imagination an give us an insight into different minds. If a man is known by the company he keeps, why should we not, then keep the best company; that of good books? Good literature entertains, instructs, and elevates. It takes us on a flight of fancy, away from our humdrum lives, to a place or country we want to visit without having to pay for the passage.
     Pleasures derived from eating or playing sports are short lived or ordinary, but the pleasure that we derive from reading books is everlasting and fantastic. Even after we have finished reading a book, we continue to think about it and derive pleasure from it.
    To derive maximum from reading, we have to gradually pass on from comics, detective novels, magazines and simple storybooks to classic literature. Just like friends, the quality of the books that we read also determine the kind of person we are. Good books will enrich our personalities and it is these kinds of books that we should to when we have the leisure...

Posted by Shivanion 27/9/12

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