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Essay on Relation and use of Mathematics in other subjects.

Asked by Simiran (student) , on 20/7/12

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Mathematics and other subjects shared a inherent relationship. They are interrelated with each other. Without mathematics, subjects like are physics, chemistry, geography, economics etc. are incomplete. It possess a variety of applications in connection with other subjects as follows:

1) In geography, it is used in weather prediction, impact of atmospheric change on aquatic and non-aquatic life.

2) In history, it is used to find out the time period from which various artifacts, scriptures belong.

3) Study of economics is heavily based on it. It helps in calculating various index like inflation, crop production etc.

4) In science, it is used in every application like in  motion, gravitation, work, energy, electricity, magnetism etc. 

Posted by Ankush Jain (student) on 27/7/12

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  Essay on Relation and use of Mathematics in other subjects.

Posted by Alindu Maji (parent) on 24/7/12

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