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essay on save tiger
Asked by Sakshi(student) , on 17/2/13

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More Answers

thanku friend 

Posted by Sakshi(student)on 17/2/13

You can also visit:

Here u will get fantastic ideas..

Posted by Lakshya Shukla(student)on 17/2/13

 okk thanku @lakshyashukla

Posted by Sakshi(student)on 17/2/13

tigers are national animal of india tigers are pride of india and it is the powerful huge animal of India so, we have to SAVETHETIGERS of india it is become so because of the global warming is producing that's why the tigers are not able to survive in this type climate and the imp reason is that the people are poaching the tigers. if you really want to stop the hunt to tigers so, the many technologies are come so you can take many actions like sms,blogs, articles and advertisement. this process will help to stop hunting the tigers and it is most effectively steps to give sounds to the Indians for saving tigers life.

Posted by Akshay Salve(student)on 7/9/13

what is the formula of the area of semitriangle

Posted by Abhishak(student)on 11/9/13

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