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Examples of bisexual and unisexual flowers.

Asked by Madhura Mandal(parent) , on 14/5/13

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  • Unisexual flowers: Cucumber, Pumpkin, water melon, Papaya etc.
  • Bisexual flowers: Hibiscus, Rose, Lily, etc.


  More to Know:

  • In a flower, the stamen is the male sex organ and the pistil is the female sex organ.
  • Flowers that contain both stamen and pistil are called bisexual flowers and plants that bear them are called bisexual plants.
  • Some flowers bear either the stamen of the pistil, these flowers are called unisexual flowers. These unisexual flowers inturn may be borne on the same plant or on different plants, and the plant with either male or female flowers is known as unisexual plants.

Posted by G. Lakshmi (MeritNation Expert)

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