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explain pre fertilisation and post fertilisation in flowers.

Asked by Aarsh Dass(ST. JOSEPH'S CONVENT SEC SCHOOL) , on 30/1/11


Dear Student,

Pre- fertilization events:

  • Several hormonal and structural changes result in the development of a flower.
  • Inflorescences bear the flower buds, and then the flowers.
  • Flowers are the reproductive parts of a plant.
  • In the flowers, the androecium (male reproductive part) and the gynoecium (female reproductive part) develop.
Post- fertilizaton events:

It includes development of endosperm and embryo, and maturation of ovules into seeds and ovaries into fruits.

Hope you find this answer helpful,

Best wishes for exams !!

Posted by Anki( Delhi Public School Greater Noida) on 31/1/11

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