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Explain the meaning of-

'God save thee,ancient mariner '

From the fields that plague thee thus!-

Why look 'st thou so?-"With my crossbow

I shot the Albatross"

Asked by Shivangi Dixit (student) , on 15/3/12

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the guest who is hearing the story says the words in the first 2 line, as plz save the ancient marimer god from all the sorrows that is undergoing. as he feels sad for him

the las two lines is that the mariner who accepts his falt and say it to the guest.

hope it helps. 

Posted by Roshini Chandra Saker (student) on 15/3/12

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The wedding guest was frightened. He called the God to save the Ancient Mariner from the devils which were troubling him. He asked him why he looked so. The MAriner replied that he had shot the Albatross with his cross-bow.

Hope u got it.. :D

Posted by Harshitha Challa (student) on 15/3/12

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