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Explain the three events which occur during photosynthesis?????

Asked by Krish , on 20/9/12


1.Absorption of light ebergy by chlorophyll.

2. Conversion of light energy to chemical energy and splitting  of water molecules into hydrogen & oxygen.

3. Reduction of carbon dioxide  to carbohydrates.

Posted by Liya....on 20/4/12

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absorption, conversion & reduction

Posted by Dr. Awateon 20/4/12


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Posted by Raman Mishra(Red Roses Public School) on 20/4/12



Posted by Raman Mishra(Red Roses Public School) on 21/4/12


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Posted by Pratikon 26/6/12


(1) Absorption of light energy by chlorophyll

(2) Convertion of Light energy into Chemical energy and splitting of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen

(3) Reduction of CO2 to carbohydrates.

Light Reaction (involves the sun)
The roots suck up water from the ground, into the chloroplasts. In there, the water is sun-heated and gets split into hydrogen, oxygen and ATP. The oxygen then gets released for us to breath and the hydrogen is put to a different part of the leaf.
Dark Reaction (doesn 't involve the sun)
After the hydrogen gets to the other part of the leaf, the CO2 (carbon dioxide),  mixes with the hydrogen and gets fused using ATP, making sugar/starch.

Hope this helps you !

Posted by Preethika J(RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) on 20/9/12

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