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 Fluorine forms only one oxoacid while other halogens form a number of oxoacids. Why?

Asked by Kajal(skv prashant vihar.delhi) , on 12/10/12


F is a small atom with very high ionization energy. Due to its high ionization energy it can exist in +1 state only. Even the +1 state is also unstable .While other halogens form a number of oxoacids in which they have +1, +3,+ 4 and +6 oxidation states, F forms only one oxoacid HOF in which it have +1 oxidation state and this is also unstable.

Posted by Pankaj Singhon 30/10/12

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As oxygen is hihgest electronegative it combines with oxygen which is next  it and forms 1oxoacid

Posted by S Shri Mridula Kumaron 26/10/12

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