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give me 10 examples of monocot and dicot leaves each

Asked by Shashank Valasa(railway mixed high school ) , on 16/11/14


hi kotamansa.., here your   examples of  Dicots:-  magnolias, oaks, beeches, willows, maples, asters, zinnias, marigolds, cacti, jade plant , tomatoes and potatoes, poison ivy, cotton, blueberries, and rhododendrons.

and Monocots:-  wheat, oats, corn, rice, sedges, lilies, irises, palms, orchids, and bananas.

Best of luck...

Posted by Tanay Singhal(K.V. Shahdol) on 23/12/12

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 hi, friends

Dicot=Legumes (pea, beans, lentils, peanuts) daisies, mint, lettuce, tomato, oak, tree, etc.

monocot=Grains, (wheat, corn, rice, millet) lilies, daffodils, sugarcane, banana, palm, ginger, onions, bamboo, sugar, cone, palm tree, banana tree,grass

Posted by Dharti Patelon 23/12/12


thanks for your answer

Posted by Manasa Kota(Kendriya Vidyalaya Odf) on 24/12/12


thanks for answer......

Posted by Siddhanton 1/8/13


thanks for ur information

Posted by Meghnaon 8/10/13


grass, sugarcane,lily,,rice,corn[ monocots]

marigold, ,mint,mango[ dicots]

Posted by Meghnaon 8/10/13


what are the examples of dicot leaves??

Posted by Jhezrylon 23/10/13


Thanks for your answer

Posted by Varunon 29/5/14


thanks for your answer because i need it

Posted by Dandanon 30/9/14

what are the leaves are examples for monocot and dicot

Posted by Vijayalakshmion 8/1/15

A hibiscus is dicot

Posted by Shivanion 10/1/15

Dicots-marigold, mint, asters

Monocots -bananas, grass, sugarcane

Posted by Anushaon 14/1/15

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