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Give me ten examples of evaporation and condensation.


Asked by Yash , on 11/11/11



Examples of Evaporation: 

1. Lowering of level of water in ponds in dry days.

2. Disappearing of water from a bowl when kept open for a long time.

3. Formation of salt in sea shore

4. Drying of cloth

5. Drying of sweat

6. Transpiration

Examples of Condensation:

1. Dew

2. Mist

3. Fog

4. Water drops on the surface of any object removed from the refrigerator.

5. Water drops on the wind shield of a car when AC is ON.

6. Water drops on the window of our house when its raining outside.

You may try the rest four examples for both by yourself.

Posted by Bapan Pathakon 14/11/11

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