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Give reason :

Crocodile is having four-chambered heart but still it is a reptilia

Asked by Ayushi Sharma(M.G.M. SR SEC SCHOOL) , on 22/2/13


Crocodile is having a four-chambered heart due to the evolution and thus, it shows resemblance with aves only in this character. It shows all other characteristic features similar to reptiles, so it is placed in the class of reptiles.

Posted by Saman Ahmadon 26/2/13

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Wait i will giv u d answer aftr 10 minz

Posted by Alina Ahmedon 22/2/13


crocoldile is a cold-bloded animal so it is placed among reptiles.

Posted by Garima Shree(DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL) on 22/2/13

  •  crocodile is firstly poikilothermic ie it is cold blooded < making it easier to explain. Ask question if you need to know what poikilothermic means.>
  • it has scally body
  • it has many other features of a reptile

That is why it is placed under reptilia.

Posted by Sankarshana Raoon 22/2/13


crocodile is having all the characterstic features that reptiles have, therefore if one feature does not match it may not be diqualified from reptilia , therefore crocodiles is also comes under reptilia !


Posted by Farhan Khan(INTERNATIONAL INDIAN SCHOOL) on 22/2/13

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