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give reason:

lithium atom is smaller than sodium atom

cl (atomic no 17)is more electronegative than sulphur (at no 16)

Asked by Swati Srivastava (student) , on 1/3/15

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as we go down the group one shell is added regularly.thus lithium is smaller.

the non mettalic character increases acroos the period.thus cl is more electro negative

Posted by Remitha (student) on 10/3/12

More Answers

The number of shells increases as we go down the periodic table. As the number of shells increases, the atomic radius of the elements also increases . 
Therefore lithium is smaller than sodium. 
The property of electro negativity increases as we go across the periodic table. Hence Cl is more electronegative .

Posted by Pranesh.s (student) on 1/3/15

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