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give some examples of food chains and food webs?

atleast 10-10 examples.

Asked by Abhijeet Singh(O.P. JINDAL SCHOOL) , on 20/10/11



example 1


  • THE SUN provides food for GRASS
  • The GRASS is eaten by a GRASSHOPPER
  • The GRASSHOPPER is eaten by a FROG
  • The FROG is eaten by a SNAKE
  • The SNAKE is eaten by a HAWk


example 2

the great white shark->big fish-> small fish->plankton

example 3


hazel tree (food for ) =)  wood mouse (food for) =)  tawny owl and nuts 

example 4


Dead plants  =)  centipede =)  robin

example 5

oak leaf  =) caterpillar =) blue tit

example 6


seaweed ==)  periwinkle ==)  ragworm ==)   curlew

example 7


Seaweed ==) hydrobia ==) shrimps ==)  crab ==) curlew

example 8

Dead plants  ==) periwinkle ==)  redshank 

example 9

water cress (food for) ==)  mayfly larva (food for) ==)  stickleback

example 10

Dead plants ==)  water louse ==) dragonfly larva

hope dat helped...:) :) :)

Posted by Hr Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hon 21/10/11

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 for food web

example 1

possible food web

arrows are drawn from food source to food consumers ... in other words, you can substitute the arrows with the words "eaten by"

example 2

Food Web

example 3

example 4

The Sunlight Feeds and averagely abundant species of plant that is fed on by insects, that are fed on by amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish, and mammels (like you and me). Dead material is decomposed by fungi, mold, etc. into the dirt from which plants grow, and all living things are host to a massive network of microscopic organisms.

example 5

ex-blossoms-rabbit-fox-cyote is related to fox-black bear-wolf-vulture, which is in turn related to a dead vulture, maggots, wild duck, eagle and if you add those three food chains together, you get a food web.

hey.. m sry can 't help further..........!


bt hope i helped...! :)

Posted by Hr Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hon 21/10/11


 sry frst pic is nt being displayed,...

i think d sight ws hving sm problem frm which i pasted.. sry.........!!

Posted by Hr Ek Friend Kamina Hota Hon 21/10/11

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