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'Hard work never goes unrewarded '..Write a short passage in the light of the story 'Patol babu,film star '.

Asked by Elakkiya S M(THE ASHOK LEYLAND SCHOOL) , on 27/12/12


The answer to this would vary according to one's own perception and ideas. Here is a sample for your reference:


Hard work never goes unnoticed or unrewarded. This is very true in real life. In Patol Babu's context we can see that although he did not stop and wait to be paid, he felt rewarded to have got this opportunity to display this talent. He felt that the satisfaction on completing the task successfully was more important than the remuneration received for the role. Therefore he left after his shoot, even though he needed the money very badly. Therefore, according to me, I feel that Patol Babu was duly rewarded for his hard work and honesty towards his role. 


Hope this helps!

Posted by Amrita Hazraon 28/12/12

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